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Mexico Mission Trip Updates '22

You will be able to check this site for Mexico Mission Trip Updates. - 


On Thursday the first group took off successfully. They spent the night on the way.. They have now crossed the border into Mexico. 


The BCM shuttle bus was allowed to enter Mexico!  It is at the ministry center in Piedras Negras and ready for action this week. The Thursday night departure Group I has arrived and is in Mexico. The Friday night Group Two took off and is almost to Katy, Texas as of midnight on Friday. They will arrive in Mexico on Saturday morning. One of the participants from Jefferson Baptist is a diabetic. He had an episode related to this and is in the hospital in Eagle Pass.  His condition has improved in the last few hours. Please pray for him. His name is Nathan. Group Three will leave tomorrow night.


All groups have made it across the border and are settling in..  We just began our teenagers' worship and discipleship in Piedras Negras. We ate dinner (prepared by the Mexican church ladies).. Then we had worship. Then a speaker and testimonies. Then application groups. Afterward, we play games. There are Mexican students here from several different Baptist Churches in Piedras Negras. The Five Cities Teams' schedule is the same. 


The School Presentation Team was busy with presentations at schools.. 


The Piedras Teams of 50 students made three school presentations this morning for over 200 teenagers at the Colegio Libertad, which is an elementary and middle school in Piedras Negras. One of the fun things we did with them is to let their students and teachers work on the puppets(the top three pictures and the one on the far left in the middle). Our students did a couple of puppet songs. We also acted out the 12 days of Christmas(middle row middle). And shared testimonies(middle row right). We presented the gospel. And ended the presentation by getting into share and prayer groups(bottom row left and middle). Ladies from the Hebron Baptist Church in Denham Springs, Louisiana gave us several hundred teddy bears to pass out. As the students went back to class they could pick one out to keep or give to a little brother or sister(bottom row right). Seventy-five students responded to a gospel invitation and confessed Christ as  Savior!!


All of the groups have crossed the border back into the US. They will spend the night on the way before heading back to Baton Rouge.

12/15/22 All teams have returned to Baton Rouge. 

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